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Freedom with OpenQuote

The Open Source Insurance Solution

Get your insurance products to market quickly and efficiently with OpenQuote.

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OpenQuote is an open source, web based, insurance quotation solution that allows quotes to be produced, and products maintained, over the web.

OpenQuote was created by Applied Industrial Logic with the intention of removing the barriers traditionally associated with insurance software adoption, including high cost of ownership and slow time to market.

Any number of products can be configured to support any line of business via externalized product definitions and rules. For more information please feel free to browse this site or ask questions in our support forums. OpenQuote combines a powerful rating and risk assesment engine with a web based presentation layer, allowing you to distribute your insurance products online.

...OpenQuote means we can bring new products to market and make changes to existing ones quickly and efficiently, helping us maintain a competitive edge...

Fiona Kent, Marketing Manager for Towergate Your Insurance Group